Sinclair Park Project

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Sinclair Park Project

The Sinclair Park Project is an interactive CD telling the story of a 1940's segregated housing area in Bremerton, WA. During WWII many African Americans were recruited to the Pacific Northwest to work in the civil defense industry. They came by the thousands for a new life but found the old habits of segregation still a part of their lives. But despite the segregation African Americans forged ahead and created a community to be remembered. FOR MORE INFO CLICK LINK BELOW

Al Colvin Former Resident of Sinclair Park & Tuskegee Airman - Later Bremerton, WA City Councilman

Sinclair Park Youth Drama Group Perrformed Plays Such As "Jiviing" Macbeth.

Sinclair Park Residents lt-rt Earl, Mom, Audrey Smith. Mrs. Smith Worked As A Domestic In The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Located In Bremerton, WA.

Black USO Military Welcomed At Sinclair Park Center. The Center Created Fun Gartherings For Residents.And Support For Black Miltary.

Unidentified Young Man Playing Football With Sinclair Homes In Background.

The Walker Family.

Downtown Bremerton, WA During The 1940's.